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// The Iago Epilogue

In a gender-swapped meditation on a Shakespearean tragedy, Iago (KATHERINE GRANT-SUTTIE) makes her final confession from his prison cell, under constant surveillance from cameras and a security guard (STEPHAN GOLDBACH). What led her to the manipulations that ended so many lives? And who is she trying to convince—her audience, her captors, or her own immortal soul?

// Producers’ Statement - Katherine Grant-Suttie

For all its dark material, the making of The Iago Epilogue was everything I could ask for in such a personal production & performance piece. It was—dare I say it? Fun. I became fascinated by the nuances of Iago while studying the character for a graduate program audition. Not just Othello’s villain, Iago has become an archetype of evil western literature, one of Shakespeare’s greatest roles. And yet for all the gender swapping now common in contemporary productions, I have yet to see a female Iago.

Women now occupy combat positions in our military. This gives them immediate access to such aspects of military life as the emotional turbulence of violence, intimate ties to fellow soldiers, exacerbation of psychotic predispositions, and troubled integration back into civilian life. To my eye, these are very much the pressures that could create a manipulative monster like Iago—a soldier left by her comrade, ignored for promotion, a killer in a world at peace. This production arose from that 2+ year gestation and research. I was connected to Steven LaMorte from college, originally only as a producer. When our initial director fell through, he stepped up. As this was my first time in the creative driver’s seat, Steven took the job of building a stunning team. I’m incredibly proud of the cohesive work from the crew and the entire company, who took this weird little Shakespearean hybrid and made it their own as a contemporary action thriller.

// Producers’ Statement - Steven LaMorte

The Iago Epilogue was truly a labor of love for everyone involved. From the in depth rehearsal process to the intensive set to design to refined musical score, the team that created this film were true artists dedicated to their craft. Adaptations can be difficult to execute, but Katherine’s clear vision along with the unstoppable spirit of our cast & crew allowed us to create something memorable and unique. I am very proud of the work we’ve done to bring this idea to life, and I hope you enjoy the film as much as we enjoyed sharing this dark tale with the world!


// Production Team Biographies

Steven LaMorte (director/producer)

Steven LaMorte is a freelance Director and Producer of  feature films, television, commercials, web content, music videos, and virtual reality. During his studies at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Steven majored in Film and Television Production. He also studied under Czech Cinematographers and Directors at the 35mm Film Production Program at Prague’s film school FAMU. Since moving to Los Angeles, Steven has directed several feature films, as well as dozens of commercials and promos. Most recently Steven produced a series of family films featuring talking tigers, lions, bears and other exotic animals. Steven's upcoming projects include everything from action and faith-based films to commercials and virtual reality experiences. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

Ron McPherson (director of photography)

Ron McPherson is a Bay Area Native who moved to Los Angeles when he was 19 years old to pursue his dream of working in Movies. Ron went to school for Makeup Artistry & Photography in Fashion, Theater, and Prosthetics. His first big movie set experience was with Director Robert Altman on Short Cuts. Recently Ron shot two feature films in Texas. Howlers, a classic werewolf film with Sean Patrick Flannery. And The Harrowing, a supernatural horror film with Arnold Voslo, Matthew Tompkins and Michael Ironside. Ron is also an accomplished DaVinci Resolve Colorist and color grades many of the projects he shoots.

Carmine Downey (stunt coordinator)

Carmine Downey is one of the foremost experts in close quarters unarmed and blade combatives. He served as a U.S. Army Special Forces “Green Beret” on an Elite H.A.L.O. team and went on to have a career as a Tactical Team member for the Federal Government. He holds Instructor credentials in U.S. Army H2H Combat; Chinese Military Sanda and Israeli Krav Maga. He is also a respected MMA coach.


// The Iago Epilogue - Credits

Director Steven LaMorte
Story by Katherine Grant-Suttie
Producers Katherine Grant-Suttie
Director of Photography Steven LaMorte
Edited by Ron McPherson
1st Assistant Director Josef Wilke
Art Director Steven LaMorte
Original Score by Wes Middleton Cameron Barrett Anna Bosnick Morgan Clark

// Cast

Iago Katherine Grant-Suttie
Private Downey Stephan Golbach

// Crew

1st Assistant Camera Kyle Huemmer
2nd Assistant Camera Meisha Lee
Gaffer Joel Stout
Hair & Make-Up Rikki Techner
Sound Mixer Shela Maung
Boom Operator Christopher Heiman
Sound Editor Nick Abercrombie
Stunt Coordinator Carmine Downey
Assistant Stunt Coordinator Gloria Downey
Production Assistant Flip Kobler
Catering Cindy Marcus

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