// Lament

In the midst of the co-vid crisis, Louis (LA'TEVIN ALEXANDER) considers Gene's (NEIL GREEN) offer of an underground fight to save his and his childhood friend's (KATHERINE GRANT-SUTTIE) flagging gym. But alot more than money is on the line. A proof of concept for the feature film Lament.

// Director’s Statement - Martin Varvau


// Producer’s Statement - Katherine Grant-Suttie

Lament began with the gym. I had been training in this boxing gym for years and just loved the classic feel to the place. It demanded to be put on film. When co-vid hit, it was especially empty and the owners were increasingly hard up for revenue. I also knew of the pain and frustration my pro-fighter friends were feeling, with career ascending matches cancelled or postponed indefinitely. All that went into this piece, though you'll never see us explicitly mention the pandemic. 

// Lament - Credits

Director Martin Varvau
Story by Katherine Grant-Suttie & Martin Varvau
Producer Katherine Grant-Suttie
Director of Photography Kevin O'Donnell
Edited by Martin Varvau

// Cast

Louis La'Tevin Alexander
Nikki Katherine Grant-Suttie
Gene Neil Green
Student Anderson Green

// Crew

Hair & Make-Up Maggie Green
Sound Mixer Heidi Duboise
Production Assistant Denise Espinoza

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