// Love & Happiness

a mistress and her servant discuss the most recent suitor, with unintended consequences.

// Notes from the Writer - John Longenbaugh

During this time of radical re-evaluation of ideas about class, race and sexual identity, people of the past can seem unreachably different from us--different clothes, manners, ideas and ways of thinking. But if we're willing to listen for hidden narratives, to reimagine what conversations took place far from the drawing rooms and eyes of polite society, we usually find we've always wanted the same things and face the same struggles to get them.

// Director’ Statement - Tyler Trautman

Sometimes the right people and the right projects find you. Devon Rawlings (Aurora) put my name in the running to direct and the stars decided to align. Katherine and I hit it off right away and I quickly got the sense that she knew how to put in the work needed to bring this tale to life.  It was my first time directing something period but if the story and characters are strong then there’s no reason to find that intimidating, especially when there’s is a talented roster of designers and history enthusiasts to help usher in authenticity. At the story heart of the story is love and going out on a limb in pursuit of it, an act every one of us can relate to.

// Love & Happiness - Credits

Director Tyler Trautman
Story by John Longenbaugh
Producer Katherine Grant-Suttie
Director of Photography Andrew Allen
Edited by Tyler Trautman
Original Score by Bruce Monroe

// Cast

Ann Katherine Grant-Suttie
Aurora Devon Rawlings

// Crew

Costumes Hayley Stavenger
Sound Mixer Eric Goldstein
Colorist Andrew Allen
Production Assistant Faolin Teinowitz

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