Missives from the World of BRASS, Episode 4: The Antiquarian’s Bookstore

The latest in our new BRASS miniseries features special guest Larry Albert (Harry Nile, Dr. Watson in Imagination Theatre’s Sherlock Holmes) in the role he originated, the loathsome Antiquarian. When an assassin arrives at his bookstore, the bilious bibliophile must find a way to turn a killer into a customer.

Missives from the World of BRASS: Episode 2, Vincent Law

London’s most louche crime lord Vincent Law shares thoughts from his private diary, including meditations on style, crime and the shocking revelation that he is being stalked by an unlikely admirer. Featuring Tadd Morgan, with original music by Bruce Monroe.  

BRASS: Synopsis, Season One

Need a refresher on the world of BRASS? Here’s a fully-produced synopses featuring some of our favorite scenes from Season One.

BRASS Stacks 17: The Snowman

  The Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Snowman” tells the melancholy story of a snowman’s ill-suited romance with a kitchen stove. Read by special BRASS Stacks guest Billie Wildrick in a co-production with Utter Love audio experiences; go here for more information. (And thanks to Wildrick for the original music and soundscape in this special episode.)  

Welcome to the Battleground, Spence!

When Los Angeles-based producer Spence Bovee ran across BRASS show creator John Longenbaugh at this year’s National Association of Program and Television Executives, it was on ZOOM. But they still recognized each other. They’d both grown up in Sitka, a small town in Southeast Alaska with slightly more than 8,000 people and slightly less than 30 miles of road. They’d … Read More

BRASS: An Audio Teaser

Yes, yes, we know that BRASS concerns a family of Victorian science heroes matching wits and weapons with a mysterious Crime Minister, but what’s it ABOUT? Here’s a quick Season One teaser to give you a taste!

BRASS Episode 40: A Curtain Falls

Lord Whitestone visits Parliament, Gwendolyn has some social calls, and the family has breakfast together. Pretty much how you might imagine things conclude.

BRASS: The Origin Story

As we move BRASS into the strange new world of TV pitching, we’ve learned to anticipate a new question: “What’s your origin story?” In this context the question doesn’t mean “where do your characters come from?” but “where does your story come from?” That’s often tough for a writer to answer. Sometimes it’s an itch you can’t scratch, or an … Read More