Character Lord Brass

Lord Brass, illustration by Timothy Perrigoue.

Welcome to the world of BRASS!

BRASS is a multi-platform Steampunk adventure serial about a family of Victorian science geniuses, each with unique abilities. Lord Brass is an inventor and tactician, Lady Brass a Sherlock Holmes-level detective, son Cyril a martial artist savant, and daughter Gwendolyn a mistress of disguise and con artist. Together they serve Crown and Country in a 19th century that differs significantly from the one in our history books, due to several different events.

Stevie, illustration by Timothy Perrigoue

Stevie, illustration by Timothy Perrigoue

In this world aetheric batteries power robot-like automatons, giant airships traverse the skies, and Babbage computational engines have brought the information age to the world a century earlier than in our own. Victoria and Albert rule a British Empire that is even more powerful than the one in our own history, as well as more just—if perhaps more dangerous.

As our story begins, the Brass Family have just returned from years serving abroad to a London that is under the grip of a mysterious Crime Minister, who has established a firm authority over the many criminal gangs of the Capitol. Given their experience in espionage, they think that finding and destroying their arch-enemy should be a relatively simple task—but they are gravely mistaken.

BRASS takes place across multiple media, with the chronicles of the First Family playing out as an audio series, live stage shows and a short film. Here’s a list of cast and credits for the audio series, and you can listen to the entire first season beginning  here.

The live stage shows take place in various theaters in the Pacific Northwest, and feature many of the members of the audio cast, as the family embark on adventures that take place in between the audio seasons. In the first one, Oh My Azaleas!, Lord and Lady Brass follow up on a mystery involving a falling body, a stolen necklace, and the fiercest fighters in the Empire, the gurkhas. Azaleas was staged at Seattle’s Theater Schmeater in September 2015. In the second, Fatal Footlights, Cyril and Gwendolyn go undercover backstage at the premiere of Oscar Wilde’s first play to discover who’s writing threatening notes. Footlights was staged at The Schmee in April 2016. Here’s a video of the “title sequence” from “Azaleas,” and some photos from the production of “Footlights.”

Gwendolyn (Katherine Grant-Suttie) faces the Mechanical Bear in "Fatal Footlights"

Gwendolyn (Katherine Grant-Suttie) faces the Mechanical Bear in “Fatal Footlights”

Cyril (Jeremy Adams) duels a Nihilist assassin (Tom Stewart) at the climax of "Fatal Footlights."

Cyril (Jeremy Adams) duels a Nihilist assassin (Tom Stewart) at the climax of “Fatal Footlights.”







We’ve also produced a trio of short films, which you can watch on our BRASS films page. Here are some productions photos from behind the scenes!

BRASS Steam Plant Shoot #1

Foes gather for Cyril and Lady Brass in Lair of the Red Widow, co-produced with Faith vs. Fate Productions.



These ladies aren’t going down without a fight in BRASS Bolts: Dollymops and French Apaches.

Goodness! Gwendolyn seems to have had an unexpected reaction to Lord Asquith and The Kinesigraph!