Welcome to Battleground Productions, home of BRASS. BRASS is a Steampunk adventure of a family of¬† Victorian super geniuses, fighting crime in London and abroad. Their serialized story is being told across multiple media platforms, including radio drama/podcast, short films and live stage shows. Each medium recounts a different intersecting story of our Family Brass, while involving a favorite cast of literary, scientific, political figures from the time, including Oscar Wilde, Nikola Tesla and Queen Victoria & Prince Albert, among many others. It’s revisionist historical fiction at its most fun, shocking, witty and at times, inspirational.
If you’d like to hear learn more about BRASS, including an opportunity to listen to the the first two episodes of our radio series, go to Projects at the top of this page and then to Brass. If you want to learn more about us and our other projects, ¬†please poke around our corner of the internet and join our mailing list for additional updates and correspondences. Cheers!
-Team BattleGround