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Actor. Web Manager. Producer

Katherine is an internationally trained actor. A graduate from Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, she specializes in physically intense characters with vocally challenging text. She has worked in theatre, film, voice over, and is recently gaining credits as a motion capture performer.

Katherine has performed most notably with the New York Theatre Workshop, Radical Media as well as ACT Theatre & Seattle Opera. As an aspiring stuntwoman, she has trained with the International Stunt School, attended Paddy Crean, and others around the world.

The lady is also training in muay thai, parkour, dance, aerial circus and yoga. Her close friends and family can’t always keep track of her whereabouts. Email is always the best mode of contact.

She is represented in Seattle by Topo Swope Talent

Drop her a line at:  katherine.grantsuttie@gmail.com

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