HELLO 2016!

IMG_20120506_144001Greetings! We at Battleground hope you’re having a promising new year. As you’ll see from our website, we’re full steam ahead on all things BRASS. The new live stage show “Fatal Footlights” opens this April at Theater Schmeater, Season One of the radio series is about to go national via Jim French’s Imagination Theater, and thanks to your support of our successful Indiegogo campaign, we’re in pre-production for our short BRASS film, “Lair of the Red Widow,” which involves tours of some amazing Seattle buildings. (The one above is from one of our favorites, the Georgetown Steam Plant.)

In one year we’ve grown from a trio of ambitious producers into a loose collective of substantial artists–actors, designers, writers and technicians. And what’s most exciting is our audience is growing by leaps and bounds too, and includes people far outside of the Pacific Northwest. (This morning we received a lovely shout-out from a listener in Hong Kong, who tracked us down via The Sonic Society, a  Canadian website that featured us last month. It’s a small, and strange, world after all!)

To keep up on all of this, we’d like to invite you to join our Facebook groups Battleground Productions and BRASS: A Steampunk Adventure Serial. We’d also suggest you sign up to our irregular email subscription–and no, we don’t do anything with your name aside from fill you in on Battleground news. (No salesman will appear at your virtual door. We promise.)

Here’s to an exciting 2016. May you have pleasant adventures–the kind with thrills and no dire consequences. And when you need some downtime, check in to see what those awfully pleasant people in the Brass family are doing as well!


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