From Broadcast to Podcast: A Brief Overview of BRASS on the Radio

An appropriate way to listen to radio drama.

While BRASS has been in production for three years, we’ve only been available as a podcast since the middle of 2016. Prior to that, our listenership came through a loosely-constructed network of radio stations, both commercial and private.

The biggest boon to our show was two and a half years ago, when our first season was included in Seattle’s Imagination Theatre, which shared BRASS across its own network of over 50 commercial stations across the country and in Canada.

Conceived and helmed by radio veteran Jim French, whose own career in audio drama stretched back to writing for such Golden Age programs as “Suspense,” Imagination Theatre broadcast from 1980 to 2017 on over 50 commercial stations across the country and Canada (as well as one in New Zealand). Thanks to the generous support of Larry Albert, French’s right-hand man and the voice of both Harry Nile and Dr. Watson, the first season of BRASS was featured in two-episode collections on the hour-long shows.

At the same time, public radio stations KTOO in Juneau Alaska and WEFT in Champaign, Illinois asked to broadcast BRASS, and Classical KING FM in Seattle joined in via their Arts Channel. So before it became a podcast, our show had a chance to be heard by audiences across North America.

As we prepared the second season of BRASS, French passed away, and Imagination Theatre was put on hold. But in the space of just three short years, podcasts have become so prevalent that we felt confident that we could find our listeners just as easily through iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, and various other podcast platforms.

Midnight Audio Theatre

Still, we love broadcast radio and always look for opportunities to find programming on any stations, both commercial and public. This week and next the first hour episodes of BRASS are featured on Midnight Radio Theatre, broadcasting from WCBE 90.5 FM out of Columbus, Ohio. This long-running program features the best in audio drama from across the country, and we’re proud to be featured on a show which has included such luminaries as ZBS, Great Northern Audio and Decoder Ring Theatre.

If you’d like to hear BRASS on your local station, drop us a line. We’re committed to getting our show out to as many ears as we can, through radio waves, Wifi, or whatever marvelous new communication system will come along next.


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