BRASS at Brass Screw!

We were honored to again be invited to give a BRASS presentation at the Brass Screw Confederacy. Held in beautiful Port Townsend, one of the few extant Victorian ports in the world, it’s a long weekend of performers, panels, music acts, carnival acts, and a lot of convivial activities. From its beginnings seven years ago the Brass Screw has been … Read More

Steampunk Primer: Why Dirigibles, Anyway?

One of the iconic images of Steampunk is the dirigible airship, either rigid (a zeppelin), rounded (a blimp) or some imaginative variant. Along with top hats and corsets, these inflatable aircraft are part of the basic vocabulary of alternative 19th centuries—and that includes in BRASS, where the family returns to London in Episode 1 aboard such a ship, and are … Read More

Costermongers or Costermob?

Is there a word more redolent of the bustle and hustle of a Victorian London street than “costermonger?” In the popular imagination, these barrow-sellers of fruits and vegetables (among other items) are “cheery chirpy Cockney chappie” figures, best known for singing and dancing about in colorful rags and scenic grime in films like Mary Poppins and Oliver. But the truth … Read More

BRASS Episode 12: The Cabinet Meeting

A gathering of London’s criminal bosses by the Crime Minister reveals his plans to destroy the Brass family. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

HELLO 2016!

Greetings! We at Battleground hope you’re having a promising new year. As you’ll see from our website, we’re full steam ahead on all things BRASS. The new live stage show “Fatal Footlights” opens this April at Theater Schmeater, Season One of the radio series is about to go national via Jim French’s Imagination Theater, and thanks to your support of … Read More

BRASS: Lair of the Red Widow is now on IndieGoGo

We are live on IndieGoGo! Help us raise $10k to film our short action film, Lair of the Red Widow, to fill out our triple platform production of Brass: First Family of the Realm. We are so excited for your support in bringing this story to you.

Enter Carol!

As we count down to the launch of our Indigogo Campaign for the film “BRASS: Lair of the Red Widow,” we’re delighted that our efforts are being led by the newest addition to the Battleground Production Team, Carol Monahan. Carol is an experienced business executive and, sometimes, an actor. She is the Vice-President of Cheapass Games,  the Business Manager at … Read More

How White is Your Steampunk, or, What Color is Your Gurkha?

A couple of years back, I was talking to my friend Ron about the remarkable openness and diversity I’d just seen at a Steampunk convention, how they were so inclusive of age and alternate genders, so welcoming to people with disabilities, so celebratory of different body types. He smiled at my description then said, “It is remarkable. Sometimes you’ll even … Read More

Feminist Filming: no BS need apply

On Tuesday John & I attended Seattle Webseries MeetUp, a monthly shindig discussing all things webseries related. This was our first appearance. When I RSVP’d, the moderator invited me to be a panelist on a small round table on this month’s discussion,“Women in Webseries”. I don’t consider myself a woman in webseries. We at Battleground Productions haven’t produced a webseries … Read More