The Christmas Case: A Lady Brass Mystery

Battleground Productions Presents: A Staged Reading of The Christmas Case: A Lady Brass Mystery In this new play by the author of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol, a lady detective and her daughter arrive incognito at a country house on Christmas Eve for some quiet and rest, but instead find mystery and intrigue when a valuable … Read More

BRASS Artist Profile: Anson Maddocks

For our current mini-series “The Devil in Whitechapel,” we wanted to create new promotional artwork more in keeping with its horror-themed atmosphere. So we commissioned an artist particularly well-known for his mastery of the sinister, the strange, and the macabre, Anson Maddocks. Maddocks created a huge number of original art for cards in the early days of Magic: the Gathering … Read More

At Long Last…PATREON!

Yay! Our Patreon is FINALLY UP! So what is it? Patreon is a bit like a busker’s hat. Instead of seeking producers at the start of a project or buyers for a finished product, the Patreon model is to allow our supporters to show their appreciation for what we’re doing while we’re doing it. As we’ve all heard, the internet’s … Read More

Fears for Ears

When we think of the great first era of American radio drama in the 1930s and ’40s, the suspense and horror shows always receive a particular place of pride. Inner Sanctum, Lights Out, Quiet Please, Suspense, Escape, The Mysterious Traveler–these featured a stunning collection of guest appearances by great actors of the stage and screen. Some of the best writers … Read More

From Broadcast to Podcast: A Brief Overview of BRASS on the Radio

While BRASS has been in production for three years, we’ve only been available as a podcast since the middle of 2016. Prior to that, our listenership came through a loosely-constructed network of radio stations, both commercial and private. The biggest boon to our show was two and a half years ago, when our first season was included in Seattle’s Imagination … Read More

BRASS: The Company We Keep!

The narrator for the most recent episode of BRASS Stacks is Seattle favorite Nikki Visel. Originally from Michigan, Visel came to Seattle via Chicago to start a theater company focused on original work–and liked the city enough to stay when the company disbanded. She soon found herself with a regular berth at Taproot Theatre, one of the city’s premiere mid-size … Read More

From Page to Podcast: How We Make BRASS Stacks

While we complete edits on our new BRASS serial “The Devil in Whiechapel,” we’re adding a new podcast, BRASS Stacks, where great Victorian and Edwardian short stories are narrated by a rotating company of actors. (Check it out this week for a new short story by the astonishing Virginia Woolf.) Compared to the complexities and people needed to create our … Read More

Music from a Lost Empire: An Interview with Composer Benedict Edwards

From its earliest incarnations, BRASS has been fortunate to include the work of several contemporary composers, including Amanda Laven, Miriam Mayer and Cesar Belita, each of whom have brought a thrilling modern sensibility to the music and sounds of the 19th century. As we ready our new BRASS Serial “The Devil in Whitechapel” for release, we’re excited to announce our … Read More

BRASS Stacks 2: Tobermory by Saki

For our second BRASS Stacks, we are featuring one of the greatest short story writers of the pre-War years, H.H. Munro, who wrote as Saki. This brilliant journalist-turned-short story writer was one of the great wits of the Edwardian age. Orphaned at age 2, Munro was raised by his grandmother and a household of puritanical aunts. (In both his comic … Read More

BRASS Stacks 1: 2 Stories by Lord Dunsany

Our new series of narrated short stories begins with two early stories by Lord Dunsany. Podcast (brass-stacks): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS