BRASS Episode 28: Graveyards and Lodge Halls

Cyril and Lord Whitestone make a nighttime foray into a Parisian cemetery, while Gwendolyn infiltrates a “monthly lottery” of the greatest villains in London.

2 Comments on “BRASS Episode 28: Graveyards and Lodge Halls”

  1. Exciting episode, but at least half the echoed voice was very difficult to follow, especially on top of the accent, and turning up volume didn’t help.

    1. Hey there! We’re sorry you had problems hearing any part of the episode. If you’re referring to the scene with the Graveyard King, part of the issue is navigating the audio landscape (in this case, listening to someone from the bottom of a well) to comprehension, and it sounds like in your case we weren’t completely successful. If you’d like a copy of the script for Episode 28, please send a note to, and we’ll send it along to you gratis.

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