BRASS Episode 26: Factories and Footlights

Lord Brass and Conrad speak with a delegate of American radicals, while Gwendolyn and Dan seek out the lair of Kensington Gore, Crime Boss of the theatre gangs.



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    1. Hey there:

      thanks for the note! If you’re referring to the opening music of the Episode, we did indeed change composers mid-series; Amanada Laven, who did music for BRASS Season 2 and The Devil in Whitechapel (along with Benedict Edwards), gave way to Bruce Monroe, our current composer. I wouldn’t describe one or the other’s opening themes as tongue in cheek or fun than the other’s, but that’s up to the listener.

      If you’re referring to the opening narration–you’re certainly right! Starting with Season Three of BRASS, things certainly become less fun and light-hearted for our heroes. After all, we’ve learned that the Crime Minister has now successfully taken control of the British government, and his corrupt cabal are creating a country very unlike the much more pleasant 19th century that we’ve seen up to this point.

      But things don’t stay dark forever. If you’re in this far, come along a little farther. There’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel–even if it’s not until farther along in the current season!

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