BRASS at Brass Screw!

We were honored to again be invited to give a BRASS presentation at the Brass Screw Confederacy. Held in beautiful Port Townsend, one of the few extant Victorian ports in the world, it’s a long weekend of performers, panels, music acts, carnival acts, and a lot of convivial activities.

From its beginnings seven years ago the Brass Screw has been a favorite of mine, because the entire town really embraces the nuttiness of a bunch of people wandering about in corsets, bustles, waistcoats, top hats and whatever else they want to try on.

2018’s theme was Exotic Adventures, which meant that in addition to a notable increase in the number of pith helmets, a camel named Eli came by for a visit.

Because you can’t have a true Exotic Adventure without a camel.

What happens in the absinthe tent stays in the absinthe tent.

A lecture from BRASS friend and Confederacy founder Nathan Barnett while he completed his morning ablutions, including shaving with a straight razor.

A visit to the Bodger’s Exposition, original Steampunk art creations.

A Tesla coil that SHOOTS LIGHTNING OUT OF A SKULL’S EYES! (Pretty cool, huh?)

And a performance by the unstoppable, lyrical, and performative genius Jason Webley, who brought song, stories and the meanest accordion on three continents to meet the Steampunk throngs.

And we were there! Joined by actors Tadd Morgan and Nancy Frye, we gave a short retrospective on Seasons 1 and 2, then gave a sneak preview of our upcoming BRASS series “The Devil in Whitechapel,” a four-part mini-series which pits Lord and Lady Brass against a diabolical plot involving a missing boy, a dark coven and the young poet W.B. Yeats.


We had a great Q&A at the end of the presentation, and want to thank Mr. Barnett and all of his jolly crew for a superb weekend. We’re already marking our calendars for Brass Screw Confederacy 2019, which is going to feature as special guest that Steampunk superstar, British hip-hop artist Professor Elemental!

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