Backstage at the New BRASS Christmas Play!

Lady Brass and Gwendolyn await your company.

Since October of this year we’ve been in rehearsal for “The Christmas Case: A Lady Brass Mystery.” The show opens in Portland’s Chapel Theatre on the day after Thanksgiving and runs through till December 21st with shows on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with a Saturday matinee and one Wednesday performance on December 19th and none on the 20th).

It’s been great fun being back into a rehearsal room.

Portland actors are a delight, and we have gathered a wonderful cast ranging from long-time vets to new arrivals.

“The Christmas Case” is a BRASS Christmas show, inspired by two of our favorite writers, P.G. Wodehouse and Agatha Christie. It mixes classic British comedy, cozy British mystery, and a nice big dollop of holiday spirit into a delicious trifle.

We are tremendously fortunate to be working with costumer Christine Richardson on this production.

Dapper Sir Coverley, but how rich is he really?

A winsome young German schoolgirl, or…?

Christine’s the Costume Manager over at Portland Opera, and her work is frankly exquisite, as these photos from actor fittings show.

Dear, sweet Cynthia…but can she really be that innocent?

Dashing Sir Percy seems a little…too friendly?

Tompkins, the “loyal” butler with a secret.

An unexpected visitor…..

If you’re in the Portland area, we hope you come see this very special BRASS event–a fully-staged production featuring not only a country house full of intrigue but Lady Brass and Gwendolyn involved in solving a mystery and saving an engagement.

With perhaps a special appearance by a certain supposedly “mythical” individual….

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