gearcon, portland, steampunk, victorian, society, high, Oregon, Brass, live, reading, onstage, short stories, narrative, convention, nerd, geek, alternative culture, popular, scifi, science fiction, pacific northwest, film, audio, drama, actor, actress, writer, producer, production company, battleground productions, goggles, corsets, raygun, bucklesWe have been invited to present in Portland for GearCon 2015. Another steampunk specific convention on this ever growing circuit, GearCon celebrates this wild subculture of steam-powered machinery, ornate corsets, and a futuristic re-imagining of the past.  Last year, John gave a reading from his second novel currently in process, Percy & Reggie & the Sylphs of the Underearth (wicked title I know). This year, John will be reading his popular short story Queensbury Rules  on Saturday, July 4 @ 6pm. On Sunday, July 5 @ 2pm, we will performing excerpts from season 1 of Brass: the audio serial .

Though there will be much dashing back to Seattle following the Sunday reading, we hope that you will drop by and enjoy the witty and witless banter of both pieces.