BRASS was recorded at Jack Straw Studios in April 2015. The cast, in order of appearance:

Ron Richardson as Lord Brass

Jeremy Adams as Cyril

Tadd Morgan as Steward, Prime Minister, Police Commissioner, Oscar Wilde, Vincent Law, Thug 2, Phantom, The Graveyard King

Kate Kraay as Lady Brass

Katherine Grant-Suttie as Gwendolyn Brass

Phillip Keiman (SAG) as Crawford, Thug 1, Prince Albert, Ponder Wright, Steven Tunner, Stamford, Gravedigger

Nancy Frye as Mast Controller, M. Tressano

Nathan Barnett as Basil

Margaret Bicknell as Queen Victoria, Mrs. Drake, Cecilia

Matt Middelton as Lord Whitestone, Police Officer, Thug 2

Terry Eward Moore (SAG) as Von Hoffman

Carol Monahan as the Agent

Recorded and Mixed by Tom Stiles

Sound effects by Kurt Hunter

Sound design and production by Nick Abercrombie

Written, directed and narrated by John Longenbaugh