What’s That I Hear? A Rumination on Podcast Vs. Radio Listening

  vs.     This week BRASS is a featured show on another great public radio station, KFAI 106.7 FM in Minneapolis. Jerry Stearn’s venerated audio drama show Sound Affects, A Radio Playground, will be playing all of Season One of our show beginning this Sunday at 9:30. KFAI joins a roster of radio stations, both public and commercial, who’ve … Read More

W.B. Yeats: Magician

The world of BRASS is alternate history, but one that hews in some ways very close to our own. There really was an occult movement in the London of the 1880s, one that centered around the Russian seer and founder of Theosophy, Madame Blavatsky, who was living in London in 1887. And as in our story, one of her early … Read More

William Morris: The Man Who Did Everything

Episode 3 of The Devil in Whitechapel takes Lord and Lady Brass into the famed salon of William Morris, and an encounter with not only George Bernard Shaw and Oscar Wilde, but an introduction to W. B. Yeats. All men, and many more, were good friends of Morris, who was one of the most significant figures in the history of … Read More

BRASS: The Devil in Whitechapel Episode 3

Salons and Seances:  The Brasses visit the salon of Victorian Renaissance man William Morris, have some harrowing conversations with a firebrand anarchist, and meet a guide to occult London, a young poet with a supernatural bent, William Butler Yeats.     Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

A Clear, Shrewd Brain: Enter Loveday Brooke

Lady Brass is known as being particularly peeved by rival detectives, particularly “a certain hawk-nosed poseur” who is more interested in publicizing his work than doing it diligently himself. Now in BRASS: The Devil in Whitechapel, she has a new rival, the Lady Detective Loveday Brooke, a dogged sleuth with a talent for disguise. Brooke was also a character in … Read More

Interview with Whitechapel’s Co-Creator Tadd Morgan

Tadd Morgan has been a part of BRASS since its very beginning, playing a wide variety of roles in all of its incarnations–Vincent Law and the Graveyard King on the podcast, Oscar Wilde and the Phantom both in audio and onstage, and as unfortunate hireling Theo in Red Widow and the inventor Donisthorpe in The Kinesigraph. He’s featured not only … Read More

The Christmas Case: A Lady Brass Mystery

Battleground Productions Presents: A Staged Reading of The Christmas Case: A Lady Brass Mystery In this new play by the author of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol, a lady detective and her daughter arrive incognito at a country house on Christmas Eve for some quiet and rest, but instead find mystery and intrigue when a valuable … Read More

BRASS: The Devil in Whitechapel Episode 2

Falling Rocks and Flying Knives. Trapped in The Spookhouse, the deathtrap-laden lair of the villainous Peck-in-the-Crown, the Brasses have their ingenuity tested to the shattering point, while a sinister conspiracy stays one step ahead of them. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

BRASS Artist Profile: Anson Maddocks

For our current mini-series “The Devil in Whitechapel,” we wanted to create new promotional artwork more in keeping with its horror-themed atmosphere. So we commissioned an artist particularly well-known for his mastery of the sinister, the strange, and the macabre, Anson Maddocks. Maddocks created a huge number of original art for cards in the early days of Magic: the Gathering … Read More

The Devil in Whitechapel Cast List

Episode 1 Lady Brass: Kate Kraay Lord Brass: Ron Richardson Cultist, Emily Crowley:  Katherine Grant-Suttie Alice the Maid/Loveday Brooke Lauren Huston Cultist, Peck in the Crown: Tadd Morgan Narrator: John Longenbaugh Written by John Longenbaugh and Tadd Morgan Mixed by Kirsty Gillmore Engineered by Joel Berman Music by Benedict Edwards Main BRASS Theme and Special Whitechapel Version by Amanda Laven